Louise Norgate … look out! Careful!Oh god, poor thing, it doesn’t look likeit’s been there all that long.We should go back – […]

The Geometry of Dead Girls

Kik Lodge               You can never leave the place you die in, Harriet says, and Fay nods like a hand puppet.               […]

Wolf Spiders Hunt in Packs

Cole Beauchamp               Not all spiders catch their prey in webs. We learned this on the longest day of the year.               […]

Mint Sauce

Frances Gapper               We invite Auntie to tea. Hiding our lips behind flowery teacups, we peep at her. She is lamb chops, […]

The Storm on All Hallows’ Eve

Jared Povanda Matilde shuts her eyes to spite falling dust,rain spearing holes through the roof, and her wifeis up there alone in […]


Janice Leadingham               Your wife called to me, John Bell. She came to the craggy grin, the doorway to my home under […]

Science Never Sleeps

Stephanie Carty               Stella is a scientist of men. She logs every detail in the notebook of her mind: the creasing of […]

I is She. 

Sally Khan I is She.  Enola. She could go days without actually speaking with anyone because the Voice inside My head would […]


Eda Tse Decide this time you’re done. Find a secluded section of the park. Put your back into it when you dig. […]